Larry A. Williamson

Senior Full-Stack Developer / Creative Technologist

Senior Full-Stack Creative Technologist / IT Consultant
2001 – CURRENT

For over twenty years, I've served clients as a full-stack engineer, and creative/technology generalist. The majority of the projects being custom web based solutions, public and private, and almost always with at least one or two custom solutions per project – i.e. dynamic PDF rendering, real-time multi-user updates, dynamic image composition, text-to-speech rendering, etc. I have worked/managed local teams and globally distributed teams to produce mission-critical, highly available interactive applications and websites of all sizes.

Additional projects have included custom software, mobile apps, browser extensions, interactive displays, website/SPAs/SaaS development, UX/UI consultation, business workflow optimization/automation, SEO optimization, user-generated content campaigns, web3 connected applications/bots, telemetry/monitoring, and content delivery systems, machine learning/self-optimizing computer vision systems, and much more.

Though my primary work is software/web development, I provide other services as an MSP, including IT consulting and technical support, network installation/management (routers, switches, wireless), VOIP systems, cloud services, on-premise servers, security/camera systems, and, additionally, I provide creative services, including graphic design, marketing consultation, and music/video production.

Principal Full-stack Engineer, Director of I.T. and Interactive
2011 – 2021
BARKER + Consolidated Content Company

Ideated, designed, developed, and implemented multiple interactive solutions, including multiple qualification/eligibility quizzes as well as real-time PDF generation, digital signing integration, UGC portals, microsites, landing pages, SPAs, and digital out-of-home experiences. Provided remote, cloud, and on-premise technical support, engineering, and custom software development. Was in charge of hosting, maintenance, monitoring, SEO and performance optimization.

Engineered and maintained performance-optimized AWS hosting solutions for high-traffic websites. Clients included Bausch and Lomb, Procter and Gamble, NYU, ION Television, PDI Healthcare, Roche Bobois, Miele, IDB Bank, and SlimFast.

2006 – 2010

Created numerous interactive advertisements using Flash, WPF, OpenCV, and custom algorithms. Clients included JC Decaux, National CineMedia, MTV, YouTube, Kraft, Target, Disney, TravelZoo, MetroPCS and more.

Architected a content delivery system utilizing the BitTorrent protocol, including a management interface that is used to create and assign content packages to remote systems.

Designed and developed a multi-user, real-time monitoring system (front and backend, including microservices) to provide information and status updates nearly real-time, including projector and system status monitoring. Created live web interface for all systems on a single page. Server components were written in C#, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, and Apache. A lightweight network protocol was used to ensure communication across even problematic wireless connections. Custom serial drivers were written for numerous types of devices.

2001 – 2006

Designed and developed software suite that dynamically updates user lists and enables communication between various devices within wireless networks without reliance on a centralized server. Various types of communication including text-based messaging, file transfer and audio / video communication are some of the primary features. Developed software which collects video from cameras connected to wireless mesh-networks, using numerous protocols. Software patents for both methodologies (#20070200914 and #20090238096) were granted in 2009.