Larry Williamson

Technology and
Creative Generalist

I can build a computer from scratch, fix IRQ conflicts, prototype electronic devices, rewire your network and program your router, create and deploy your application or website from start to finish. I love everything technology oriented and have an innate ability to understand how things work. I loathe inefficiencies and want to change the world.


HTML5, XML, Javascript/AJAX/JSON, jQuery, CSS/SASS, PHP, MySQL, mongoDB, Delphi / Object Pascal, VB, C# .NET, OpenCV / EmguCV, Ruby (not rails), Node/NPM, Python, ActionScript, Gulp/Grunt


AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, FlashDevelop, Flex and AIR SDKs, 3D Studio Max, Maya


Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Amazon Web Services


Routing, Failover, Load Balancing, VPNs (PPTP/IPSEC/OpenVPN), DNS and DHCP, MESH Networking & Tachyon Certified (2004)


Arduino, Raspberry Pi/Gumstix/ARM, SMTP/POP3/IMAP administration and setup, PointGrey and uEye Camera SDKs, RS232 Communication, Infrared Motion Tracking and Interaction, Tropo and Voxeo IVR Systems, Passive and Active RFID, Audience Measurement, ffmpeg, A/V processing

I started coding in BASIC around the age of eleven, writing "cool" screensaver procedures, not really serving a purpose other than blowing my young mind. (and my parent’s – according to my mother) There was no Google, so most of the learning I had to do was trial by fire or verbal instruction from a select few individuals. Eventually, I made my way onto BBSes and the internet using SLIP/PPP or shell accounts. Then I got into scripting, interfacing with PROCOMM PLUS for DOS, so that I could have my text-based game played by the computer for me while I was "learning" things at school.

Around the same time I got into text-based games, I started hanging out on Internet Relay Chat, or IRC. I started scripting for Unix based IRC clients like bitchX, as well as writing scripts in TCL for Eggdrop bots. Eventually Windows became a bit more user friendly and I moved to GUI applications, writing code in VB. I also starting writing mIRC scripts, as well as DLL plugins. After a while this picked up and I started writing software and miscellaneous applications in languages like C# and Delphi.