Larry Williamson



HTML5, XML, Javascript/AJAX/JSON, jQuery, CSS/SASS, PHP, MySQL, mongoDB, Delphi / Object Pascal, VB, C# .NET, OpenCV / EmguCV, Ruby (not rails), Node/NPM, Python, ActionScript, Gulp/Grunt


AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flex and AIR SDKs, 3D Studio Max, Maya


Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, AWS


Routing, Failover, Load Balancing, VPNs (PPTP/IPSEC/OpenVPN), DNS and DHCP, MESH Networking & Tachyon Certified (2004)


Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Gumstix/ARM, Mail server (dovecot, postfix) administration and setup, Computer Vision, RS232 Communication, Infrared Motion Tracking and Interaction, 3CX, Tropo and Voxeo IVR Systems, Passive and Active RFID, Audience Measurement, ffmpeg, A/V processing, MailChimp, Google Ads, SEO


MUSE: Digital Music Shop Aggregator
Digital OOH Signage Monitoring and Control System
BitTorrent Content Delivery and Scheduling System
WPF Kiosk Modular Multi-application Loader
Copyright Infringement Case Tracker (Penthouse)
CounterStrike Match Log Analyzer (WinOut)
Printable Directory PDF Generation (CCA METRO)

Web and Interactive

"Share the Feel Good" (Sunsweet)
Best Kept Secret Campaign (ION Television)
Automated PDF Generation and E-Signature Initiation
Digital Brochure iPad Application (PDI Healthcare)
"Magazine Cover" Photo Booth w/ Printing System (PDI Healthcare)
"YOU" Photo Booth and Displays (Roche)
Interactive Annual Report DVD (Penthouse)

I began coding in BASIC around the age of eleven, writing "cool" screen-saver procedures, not really serving a purpose other than to satiate my curiosity. Google did not yet exist, most of the learning process was trial by fire. I made my way onto BBSes, into 2600 meet-ups and, eventually, and the internet using SLIP/PPP or shell accounts.

Then I got into scripting, interfacing with PROCOMM PLUS for DOS, so that I could program my computer to iterate through automation routines and play my text-based game for me while I was "learning" things at school.

Around the same time I got into text-based games, I started hanging out on Internet Relay Chat, or IRC. I started scripting for Unix based IRC clients like bitchX, as well as writing scripts in TCL for Eggdrop bots. Eventually Windows became a bit more user friendly and I moved to GUI applications, writing code in VB. I also starting writing mIRC scripts, as well as DLL plugins. After a while this picked up and I started writing software and miscellaneous applications in languages like C# and Delphi.