Larry is technically fluent and he combines that with his powerful ability to communicate with users. Larry is a very solutions oriented professional and is able to take complicated demands and map out a solution for how to apply that each step of the way. Larry is an absolute delight. I would be happy to provide further references and Larry will be able to share my phone number with a future employer who wishes to discuss Larry's qualifications further.
Even though I've known Larry since childhood, I didn't get a chance to work with him until we worked together at Monster Media. While we were there, Larry demonstrated an ability to intuit solutions to complex and often seemingly intractable problems, almost like it was a sixth sense or something. Larry would be an incredible asset to an engineering team that routinely faces new challenges and is constantly needs to "push the edge" in order to be successful.
I've known Larry since 2003 when he came to work for me at a start-up we created. He was instrumental in the development of our platform/technology and without question when asked always delivered on time and under budget. The best recommendation I could ever give him if I was still in the same space I'd offer him a job tomorrow.
Larry is one of the most versatile people i have yet to work with. He has a rare combination of skills in graphic design, programming and animation and excels in all of them. He is driven and practical and knows the balance between time and thoroughness. If i was a company looking to hire someone to work with technology Larry would be a critical asset.
As a Creative Technologist at Barker, Larry was a Swiss army knife of expertise and resourcefulness. If he didn’t know how to answer your question, he’d know it the next day, having done the research and figured out how to make it work. His ability to develop in both a front and back end capacity at a high level of quality is rare. Larry would make a great addition to any team if you are looking for a resourceful, collaborative, and technically accurate technologist/developer.
As a content producer at Consolidated, I deal with a lot of content, be it video or other visual materials, Larry was a huge help when needing technical assistance with problems, be it easier ways to deal with video, or software that would solve a problem.
Larry is a brilliant programmer. His programming work surpassed a lot of the colleagues that I worked with in past jobs who had high level DoD programming training for years. He is a worker who constantly thinks out of the box and once asked can come up with a wealth of solutions to issues. Larry likes to work on his own to allow for creative space (as is common for most high level programmers), but can also work in groups effectively. He likes to be work on stimulating projects that allow for his creative genius to flow. He is a very hard worker who consistently puts in more hours that your average worker. This is a 'must have' when it comes time to program, test and deliver those high level projects. Overall, Larry was an employee who surpassed all of my IT expectations.
Larry is one of the more experienced technologists I have worked with. He has a wide range of skills including software, programming languages, and hardware (all of which are thoroughly developed skills). This makes him a dynamic force in any tech-related work environment. Equally important, he also exhibits a passion for what he does!
As an interactive design leader, Larry brings high performance and high output to produce data-driven results and always nail the wow factor. I have had the opportunity to work directly with Larry on numerous large scale projects which we launched for major global clients. He possesses the remarkable capabilities to push creative boundaries, implement ground-breaking technology, and amplify every client’s vision. And I can say from firsthand experience, Larry will consistently elevate the skill sets within any collaborative environment by procuring the latest research, optimizing creative workflows, and guiding his organization to be unsurpassed!
I don't think of Larry as a digital vendor. I think of him as an integral part of my team's success. His willingness to meet client deadlines, while providing invaluable digital POV has been an immense help in the continuous success of my client's business. Larry has a sharp eye for detail and is able to make confusing projects run smoothly and efficiently.
Larry is a rare talent that is equally proficient in technology and design. Our careers have crossed paths multiple times, and I've always been fascinated by his mastery of both disciplines. I have seen him tackle some incredibly complex projects ranging from enterprise-level software development, webOps, computer vision, and interactive experiences. In addition, he has excellent eye design and is extremely capable across various tools, languages, and platforms. At his root, Larry is a hands-on problem solver that loves a challenge, makes things happen, and has an impeccable work ethic.
I’ve known Larry for quite some time. Professionally he is one of the most impressive people I’ve ever worked with. He built systems that transformed the company we worked at together for the better. He always seemed to be the “go to” guy when nobody could figure out a problem. He has a great work ethic and is incredibly multifaceted. While most people can be proficient in one or two skills, Larry somehow is highly skilled in just about every facet of digital media, can fix networking issues and then put together a DJ set. Personally, Larry is awesome to work with. He has a great sense of humor and very knowledgeable.
Larry and I worked together at F4W Inc. for several years. You couldn’t find a more dedicated individual. Larry, went above and beyond every time to ensure that technology for our firm was successful. Larry was an indirect report to me. When ever you brought him a challenge he embraced it and never declined. Rarely do you find someone who is dedicated as he is. I highly recommend Larry as an employee at your company. He would be an asset to any organization. Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have any further questions.