• NGiNX: Using Vercel as Fallback for Reverse Proxy

    How to configure NGiNX to use Vercel as a fallback when the primary host is down for your reverse proxy

  • Repairing GRUB boot stuck at initramfs prompt (on AWS)

    Learn how to repair a GRUB boot issue that leaves you stuck at the initramfs prompt, specifically on AWS instances. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to get your system back up and running.

  • Orange Pi 5: Proxmox, Ubuntu Jammy, LXC, and Snap

    Discover the energy-efficient Orange Pi 5 as we set up Proxmox, create LXC containers, and configure snapd. Unleash the full potential of this powerful ARM-based single-board computer for home labs and more.

  • Building a Countdown Component for Vue with Composables

    In this tutorial, we'll build a simple countdown component for Vue using composable functions.

  • Using WPGraphQL, Nuxt 3 and Apollo with JWT

    Basic walkthrough of using the Nuxt Apollo module, with WPGraphQL and JWT (with token refresh)

  • Installing WordPress using WP-CLI

    In this post, we install and configure WordPress for local development using WP-CLI, and set up NGiNX with php-fpm

  • Dependency Injection

    An example of why and how we should opt for dependency injection instead of monolithic classes, and what a few of the benefits are

  • Connecting to the MEXC WebSocket API

    A class to help you connect to the MEXC exchange's WebSocket endpoint and monitor trades.

  • CSS: Reverse Clamp

    It may sound like a wrestling move, but it's a useful way to make sure your content is readable on mobile devices, without having to set up a bunch of media queries.

  • My WordPress Paywall Adventure

    If you're running a highly-cached, high-traffic WordPress site and need a paywall, things can get a little weird. I try and make things a little less weird, but it's possible I made them even weirder.

  • Adventures with Nuxt3: Social Share Cards

    Here's what takes to get social sharing working with Nuxt3

  • Web3 Endpoint Cycling

    If you're not running your own node, using a web3 endpoint cycling method may help keep your app up and running.

  • Using wkhtmltopdf and an Xvfb daemon to render HTML to PDF

    I have a lot of projects that consist of collecting information and then rendering it to PDF, initially I used tcpdf, but the rendering is VERY finicky. I was doing some additional research a few weeks ago for a personal project and found wkhtmltopdf.

  • Automounting NFS share in OS X into /Volumes

    I have spent quite a bit of time figuring out automounts of NFS shares in OS X...

  • Symfony + Doctrine: Single mapping file for multiple entities (global mapping)

    Doctrine lets you define database ORM mapping using YAML, XML or PHP Annotations. I wanted to put all my mapping information in a single file, in order to streamline updating for one or two of my own reasons.

  • Wildcard host resolution for Windows/macOS

    Using an Automatic Proxy Configuration script

  • Local staging configuration for using Apache 2.0 and DNS wildcards

    As a web developer / designer, I do a lot of things that make my workflow easier, one of them is using a local staging server for sites I am working on in the initial build phases.

  • Windows 7: Audio / Video playback issue solution

    Are you experiencing what seems like thrashing or pauses / breaks in audio or video playback? Audio pausing for a second and then resuming somewhat randomly?

  • Zinnia (django blog) fix for 'Continue reading' persistance

    The template for zinnia in the version installed by pip always sets continue_reading to “1”, so the “Continue reading…” link always pops up on every article. Even articles with less than 100 words.

  • DisplayDuino: LEDMatrix components

    This is just a note for the people using the DisplayDuino LEDMatrix board, and looking for connectors.

  • Using Microsoft’s IE6, IE7, IE8 VHD / Virtual PC images with Virtualbox

    I often have the need to test web development compatibility across multiple browser versions….and we all know the redheaded stepchild of the web browsing world starts with Internet and ends with Explorer.


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