My Story


Around the age of nine (1992), I got my hands on my first IBM compatible PC, a WANG Microsystems 386 DX (I think...), it was a whole new world. Fueled by curiosity, I dove headfirst into figuring it out. With no Google and few people to ask, I learned everything through trial and error, even solving IRQ conflicts to use online services. This challenge quickly led me to programming in BASIC.

My self-taught journey didn't stop there. I navigated through BBSes and the internet with SLIP/PPP connections, thanks to a little help from friends. I even started scripting automation routines in PROCOMM PLUS for DOS to play MUDs while I was at school.

As my interests evolved, so did the platforms. I moved from text-based games to IRC, scripting for Unix-based clients, and then to Windows, dabbling in VB, creating mIRC scripts, and exploring languages like C# and Delphi.

High school web design classes sharpened my PHP and JavaScript skills, introducing me to the world of Shockwave, Flash, and ActionScript. Then, serendipitously, I became the junior network administrator at my school, handling computer repairs and network installations.

After becoming an Eagle Scout, I started freelancing, working on websites, servers, and networks for local businesses. This eventually led me to work for a local marketing company, diving into tech support, web design, and motion graphics, marking my entry into advertising. There, I worked on fascinating projects, including for a company that later became Freedom4Wireless, where I served as a senior software architect and network engineer, developing applications that would be patented.

My career took another turn at Monster Media, where I focused on interactive out-of-home content and overhauled their monitoring systems. I created cutting-edge interactive installations for big-name clients, leveraging a mix of technologies.

Eventually, I went freelance, taking on diverse projects until joining BARKER Advertising as a Creative Technologist. There, I managed web projects and interactive solutions, later becoming Director of Interactive.

Now, I'm deeply involved in full-stack development, focusing on technologies like Nuxt, Vue, and TypeScript.