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Partytime is an engaging web application built with Nuxt 3, primarily designed for a social music experience. It allows users to connect with Spotify, showcasing the 'Now Playing' information and enabling interactive features like SMS voting for songs during social gatherings. This application is an excellent tool for parties, where it can be displayed on screens for guests to view and interact with the music playlist.


Spotify Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Spotify, allowing users to log into their accounts and display the currently playing song and upcoming tracks.

SMS Voting: Incorporates an innovative voting system using SMS, facilitated through a Twilio account. This feature, still under development, aims to let guests vote for their preferred songs.

Environment Configuration: The app requires setting up specific environment variables for Spotify and Twilio to function correctly, ensuring secure and tailored usage.

Dual Repository System: Consists of the main partytime repository for the web app and a partytime-server repository for the real-time voting server, showcasing modular development.

How It Works

Upon launching, 'Partytime' connects with a Spotify account, displaying the 'Now Playing' section and playlists. The optional SMS voting feature, managed by the partytime-server, receives votes from users, although it currently does not modify the Spotify queue due to API limitations. This interactive element adds a unique layer of engagement to the music experience at social events.

For more details, you can check out the partytime and partytime-server repositories on GitHub.