Symphonic mIRC Script Personal Project

mIRC Script / Enhancements/

As a young enthusiast of IRC (Internet Relay Chat), I was driven to create a utility to enhance the chat experience. " Symphonic" is a script for the popular mIRC chat client, designed to streamline and enrich IRC interactions. It included features like advanced whois lookups (gwhois.mrc), automated file sharing via XDCC (xdcc.mrc), and custom aliases for quicker command execution (alias1.ini, alias2.ini). The script also includes specialized event handling (events.ini) and remote operation configurations (remote.ini), offering a tailored IRC experience.

As a bonus, there's also some audio notification sounds that are actually my own voice.

I created this script in 1996, and worked on until around 1998 when I changed the name, sadly I do not have/cannot find the files for the newer version.

This script was used by a handful of my friends and acquaintances, as well as myself, and shared on numerous websites - like,, and others.

Designed for personal use, this project gives a glimpse into my early days of software development, and my passion for user experience.